I bought the wrong smokeless fire pit - I should have bought the Genie Stove!

As a family business, occasionally, we get people calling to pick up their Genie Stoves directly from us.  That's exactly what happened in the middle of 2022.  A man had a friend who had seen his particular 'other' brand of stove and wanted one for himself.  

Being based in Northern Ireland they had heard about Genie Stove so arranged with us to call and pick one up.  (Or at least take a look).

As soon as we opened the box and set the Genie up the owner of the 'other brand' declared "I've bought the wrong fire pit".

You see, smokeless fire pits are not new (at least a decade old), and one particular brand (the global leader) were still selling the same stove design that they were selling in 2012. 

At Genie Stove, (now in our 3rd year) we made improvements and one major improvement was noticed immediately by that customer.  The separate and large ash pan.

Designed to

  • raise the stove to a higher level
  • has a depth to hold as much ash as needed for many burns
  • allows for the ash to be disposed of easily
  • first inside the main stove for compact storage

 The other brand has little room for ash (in fact it was in the vacuum chamber) and the whole stove had to be shook to remove the ash through the tiny air vents.  This caused them to get blocked easily and was VERY awkward to clean.  The Genie stove was a completely different and advanced design and it was noticed by the customer with the other stove immediately.

Incidentally, both men purchased a stove each.  The first man replacing his old 'big brand stove' with a Genie.

*in 2023 to counteract this, the other brand added a very shallow bowed plate to the bottom of their stove to be able to now say, 'they now provide an ash pan'.  It's more of an afterthought and will never be as purpose designed as the Genie Stove - now in it's Version 2 in our 3rd year.

When you come to buy a smokeless fire pit, make sure you buy the right one once.  This feature alone is massive.