About Us

The world around us is changing - especially in the past 2-5 years.  When it comes to buying online, we have heard from a lot of customers with a growing conscience over recent years, how important it is for them to know who they are are buying from and where their money is going.

Simon (dad), Royanne (mum), Callum, Niomi and Eli (with his tongue out)

So this page (for them, and possibly you) is probably THE most important page on our website.

We encourage you to take time to read this page:

  • After years of success (all UK and Ireland based) following global events, when we needed to upgrade our website, we decided (in 2022) that we would support a web design company based in Ukraine. (Kyiv)

  • This came with it's obvious risks.  Putin bombed Kyiv, just in the last few weeks before this website was to be finished.  The risk of power and internet failure was very real to us.....but as a a UK company we wanted to keep supporting those who had stayed behind in Kyiv to encourage/support them financially and with encouragement, not only with words but financially.

We have been able to do this for 3 reasons

  1. We are a family business and so we can move fast.

  2. We know and have come to know genuine refugees and families from Ukraine who are now based in the UK and Ireland.

  3. We believe what is happening in Ukraine is immoral and ethically wrong.

So a group of Ukrainians who stayed in Ukraine built this website, during the war.

Secondly, there are a lot of 'we's on this page.  It's hard to escape that on a page which seeks to explain who 'we' are.  So if you can indulge us for a minute or two, we will tell you who we are.

We are a family business.  The photograph you see is us.  :-)
(it's not a library photograph....it is actually us).

The products we make and produce are individually packaged for each customer, Once you make a purchase (depending on your order) it is packaged and despatched by us right here - directly to you across the UK and Ireland, from Northern Ireland.

There are no middle men.  We sell to you directly.  That means you save money.

We hold all stock on site and despatch it on the same or next day (excluding weekends).

There are other options of course in the fire pit market.  Big brand names.  (But BIG only in the sense that they spend tens of thousands of dollars/pounds promoting their name across social media and via agencies). 

Their products are good.....but we feel it's important for you to know, they are not from the USA......but are produced in the far east and command a premium price because of the marketing they support.

In a world of faceless conglomerates and multi-national companies - that to us is a big thing.  (We pride ourselves in the work that we do for you personally). 

We are a small family of individuals who understand the importance of

  • being able to ethically and morally trust who you purchase from and
  • receiving great personal service before and after your purchase,
  • especially when you do it online. 
  • (In what can be a faceless conglomerate world).

So if we have intrigued you, thank you for reading this far.  Hopefully now you understand our ethos, morals and ethics, but how does that translate in cold hard cash and customer satisfaction?

Most times, we just get things right. 

Most times,  we do things well. 
Just read our customer reviews of our product and our service

Of course, if and on the odd occasion (and it does happen) that we do get something wrong - we want you to know, we are here, ready to listen and we back that with a solid promise - we will put it right.  Straight away.  

When you reach out to us, you will be answered directly by one of our family team immediately.

We've grown our business over the last number of years using tried tested and proven and effective methods. 

Word of mouth, friend to friend recommendations and customer reviews.

  • Our products are great value,
  • are of the very highest CE and ISO standards
  • and perform magnificently. 

Each stove has been engineered and tested to achieve maximum results in heat and efficiency.


Most reviews you read are from 2021 and 2022.  Yet, from 2023 all stoves are now moulded (not welded) with the highest quality chromium stainless steel 304 which means there are no welds to cause any weakness in the product.


These principles keep us grounded in what we do, and staying small we are able to give that personal care to all of our customers.  With a VERY HIGH trust and standard rating, our customer reviews say it all.


We know who we are.  We know what we do - and we do it well. (At least that's what our customers tell us).

We value that and work hard to achieve your commendation. 

We look forward to being of service to you too and welcoming you to the community that is, a customer of The Genie Stove community - an important extension of our family business.