Yes. The Genie Stove is designed with a unique combustion system called ‘Secondary Burn’. Lower air vents allow the fire to suck in oxygen into the outer cavity wall. As the oxygen rises it is heated and ignites as it exits the cavity wall at the internal top of the fire pit. This secondary flame ignites the smoke and residue which would escape into the atmosphere normally. This results in a much more efficient and cleaner burn – with much more heat being produced from the same amount of fuel.

The secondary burn takes 10-15 minutes to ‘kick in’ as the outer wall heats up.

Obviously the cleaner the fuel you use, the better the ‘smoke free’ effect that is achieved.

Yes. The Genie Stove has been made with the idea of being easy to store and move – while maximising its burning capacity.

It comes in two pieces which sit inside one another, to make it compact for travelling or storage and weighs in at 4 kg or 8kgs. (depending on which model you purchase)

Yes there is.

Every Genie Stove comes with a life-time warranty.

The stainless-steel construction of the Genie Stove makes it built to last. Though over time, the stainless-steel will become discoloured due to the heat tint but the stove will still function just the same. Make sure you store your Genie Stove inside to protect it from the elements and keep it dry to prevent rust.

NOTE:  See the STOP THE RUST pdf file on our Product PDF downloads page

The secondary burn takes place near the top of the Genie Stove’s burn chamber. The upper vent holes along the inside of the fire pit blast the fire with preheated oxygen, creating a hotter and more beautiful fire while burning off smoke. All this happens due to our “Secondary Burn” technology. It can take 5-10 minutes for the heat to build up and reach ‘secondary burn’ status.

Simon and Royanne Richardson. A couple from Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.  You can meet us here.  https://geniestove.com/pages/about-us

Be sure to wait until the fire pit has cooled some, as hot metal and water can crack your stove.

Remember to pour water on all of the ashes, not just the ones that are red, glowing pieces. Pour water to put out the fire pit until the sizzling sounds are completely silenced.

Be sure, if using water on your stove, to clean it to avoid causing ash cement to form and block the double cavity wall ventilation system.

Genie Stoves are ideal for use where you have composite or wooden decking as the spark output is significantly reduced due to the secondary burn.

However, you will need to use either the patio and lawn protector stands shown here: https://geniestove.com/collections/decking-and-lawn-protector-stands

Your Genie Stove is stainless steel. That means, if it is kept clean, dry and in a well ventilated place it will not rust.  If it is kept in damp places and is damp when stored, it will show signs of rust.  You should treat your Genie Stove like any piece of stainless steel that you wish to keep for a long time.  Clean it, and keep it in a dry place and it will serve you for many years to come without rusting.

In many cases we find when customers think their Genie Stove is rusting, it is not.  It is simply red/brown fire dust from their stove.  When wiped with oil it cleans off and is revealed as fire dust rather than any corrosion.

NOTE:  See the STOP THE RUST pdf file on ourProduct PDF downloads page

No you won’t have to pay any import duty.  The price you see is the price you pay for all of our products to be delivered to your door.

You can burn most biomass materials in your Genie Stove. ie twigs, branches, dried leaves, pine cones, kindling and logs etc. This means, you don’t even have to carry fuel with you as you can scavage for fuel in most woodland areas and have an amazing fire wherever you are.

The best case scenarios though would be the following fuels.

Kiln dried kindling (for fire starting) with kiln dried hardwoods (such as Birch or Oak). 

You can also burn charcoal for your barbecue using our grills or sear plate to cook your food on your Genie.

All fuels are generally available from reputable DEFRA ‘Ready to Burn’ stockists locally wherever you live.

You should keep topping the fire up with kindling and blocks together. This ensures you don’t choke the fire and keep the flame going.

We have the following 3 sizes:

  • 13cm (diameter) Genie Camper
  • 35cm (diameter) Genie Stove Mini
  • 45cm (diameter) Genie Stove Deluxe

We listen to customers regularly to gauge if there is a need to go even larger.

If you would like to keep up to date with new products and offers, simply sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of the home page on the website. We promise not to spam you.

Unless you know someone who has purchased one, the short answer is no. We provide photos and details and will be uploading more videos as and when we can.

The alternative is for us to make them available through dealers – but our experience shows they want to double the price to ensure their cut.

We would rather sell at the prices we do and offer the service that we do for your total piece of mind and comfort to your pocket.

Similar products/brands cost upwards of £250-£400 which is high, but even that it is fairly average when you compare it to nice-looking propane-fueled pits.

When you purchase a Genie Stove you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer.  We do not have wholesalers, middlemen or retailers. So there are no additional margins on our product. You buy direct and you save.

We believe, if you do your research, you will find that the value and affordability of the Genie range is tough to beat.

It wouldn’t harm it.

However, you will need to rinse it thoroughly. It has a double walled ventilation system that is closed.

You will want to make sure that the wet soot doesn’t turn into cement that will become an obstruction later.

NOTE:see our PDF product download filesfor the Genie Stove Use and Aftercare pdf

If you don’t feel like waiting for the fire to burn down to ash, you can extinguish it with water like you normally would with a campfire.

However, if you let the fire burn itself out, you’ll be amazed by how little wood is left at the end of the burn.

Please also see the next question/answer.

Cover, if storing outdoors.  Period.

A little moisture on the outside of your stove is okay as long as you dry it off with a towel. However, moisture can damage the grate and ashpan inside your fire pit. We recommend using the Genie Stove Carry Bag with your fire pit to keep it safe from the elements if storing outdoors.

However, the carry bag will not shelter from the rain. Rain will gather in the top.

Ultimately the best solution is to store your Genie Stove in a dry place free from damp and moisture.

NOTE: see our PDF product download filesfor the Genie Stove Use and Aftercare pdf

We ship to the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Northern Ireland

Unfortunately some of the UK and Ireland outer islands will incur a shipping fee which will be displayed during checkout.

At Genie Stove we fully appreciate NHS workers and understand the reasons why we are asked this question.  However, we ask that you remember that Genie Stove is a small family business competing against multi-national brands. To that end our prices are already substantially lower than similar products on the market.  We also strive to provide a quick, personal and professional service and get to know many of our customers personally.  We cannot provide what we do by reducing the prices of our products further than they are already provided on the website.  Thank you.